Are you thinking about buying a drinking fountain? Making a comparison between the different kinds of drinking fountains available in the market is quiet difficult. This is usually attributed to the fact that the manufacturers might present units in a different manner and even have different names for the same components this is why a side by side comparison is difficult.

However, keeping a few things in mind would help you to make the right decision and choose the right drinking fountain.

Buying a drinking fountain

Before you purchase a drinking fountain you need to consider who is going to be using it. A water fountain comes in a number of shapes in sizes and has different functionalities. For example if you want a drinking fountain for a pre school or a children’s birthday party then you might need a shorter fountain compared to the original size which is used for adults. However, you need to talk to the manufacturer of the water fountain to show your models that can be installed at different Heights for your particular users.

The next step is to consider the capacity of the water fountain for that you need to make sure the number of people who would be drinking from it and where you want to place the fountain. For example an indoor water fountain may differ from an outdoor water fountain. Each of these come with a different output per hour. You can easily install a low capacity water fountain throughout the facility or you might want to simply by one which is high powered one which is able to cater to a larger number of people.

If you want to install the fountain at a Health Care facility then you might also need to consider that it should be placed at a height which is easy to access by the differently abled. Keeping all these things in mind would allow you to buy a drinking fountain which is well suited for your facility.

Also make sure that you buy a drinking fountain from a dealer who is reliable and is known to sell high quality products. There are water fountains that cost a great deal less than the other variety of models but you need to make sure that these are sturdy enough to be placed in a public setting.

You can either choose to go with the wall mounted fountain which is ideal for a limited space because of its compact size and practicality. Another benefit of these type of fountains that these can be installed at a different height. On the other hand you can even choose a floor standing fountain which is usually made up of stainless steel and the capacity can vary from 5 l to all the way to 60 l. However these are more expensive than wall mounted fountains.

Do consider all of these above mentioned factors when purchasing drinking fountains for the parkscape.